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Reasons To play soccer

With over 4 billion fans spread across the globe, soccer is by far the most popular sport throughout the world. It’s become life to many let’s look at the reasons to play!


Two teams, two goals, one ball, and one field. Simple! Some people are lucky enough to earn a living from soccer, bringing them fame and fortune on a global scale. But what about the rest of us?


What is soccer if not the vital ingredients to a challenging, competitive social life? First off where would you spend your Wednesdays? League games are not only fun but healthy, even out of competition. Every game is different so they can never be the same. Soccer helps teamwork and the preperation of our future kids and adults to learn responsibility, patience, timing and most of all good sportsmanship and fair play which in turn enhances not only discipline but learning about towards yourself and that many mistakes does no good.


Don’t think I forgot competitive sport! Wednesdays and Saturdays alike will give each player mental up bring. While competing against other teams it levels out your skill by pushing your mind out side its own boundaries all within a safe encourging environment, one that enables each a player to grow at his or her own pace without being too emotional or un challenging ( this enables the pressure to ease off) crucial for those little ones just giving the sport a go! The feeling once won brings a rush like no other! Once more here we have something grounded in tradition dispite pop culture will forever drive us forward as one proud trendy sporting nation!. Even looking at our past with football we choose now seems as though its faded into memory as our night glistening colored soccer jerseys once again lead the front lines while patriotism runs through his on day massing….Soccer songs? Hooligans ? Footy fanatics bearing skills with football leather balls down the pub.


two girls going for the bal tackling each other to win the ball

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