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Nevada Youth Soccer Association (NYSA) is a champion for youth sports, dedicated to helping players and coaches grow, participate, and enjoy the thrill of soccer.


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We moved! Our new office is located at 7860 W Sahara Ave Suite 150, Las Vegas, NV 89117Our

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 FRISCO, Texas (April 7, 2023) — The US Youth Soccer National League is excited to

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With over 4 billion fans spread across the globe, soccer is by far the most popular sport

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kid in white uniform posing with a ball under his left foot

Soccer has taught me how to be more social and that I do not have to be scared to make new friends. It has also made me strong both in my mind and my body


kid goalie holding a ball in his left hand standing under a soccer net

Soccer encourages friendship and good sportsmanship. I feel happy for my friends' success even if they are on the opposing team. It’s a win/win sport.


kid stainding on the ground with a soccer ball under his foot

I love soccer mostly when I make goals because it feels good to celebrate with my friends, help my team, and make everyone happy.


kid laying on the ground holding a ball in between her legs

I love soccer because it teaches me teamwork and how to help others.


kid with red glasses smiling for a picture

My name is John and I’m 11 years old. I have been playing soccer since I was 4 years old. I abs LOVE playing soccer. Soccer has taught me to be disciplined in school, to work together with other people, and to be a beast on the field. My goal is to be on FIFA when I grow up.


kis smiling in front of the camera holding a medal in his hand

I love soccer because the friends I have made are now like my family. I also think it’s fun to look up to the big players and dream that one day I will be just like them.



two girls going for the bal tackling each other to win the ball

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