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Board Meetings

Next Meeting

Annual General Meeting

Voting Information

Members of the Board of Directors, as well as members of an affiliated league or club in good standing, are entitled to vote at our Annual General Meeting.

A league with a minimum of five hundred (500) registered players shall have 2 votes. Additionally, a league or club shall have the following number of votes:

  • 100-200 players = 1 vote
  • 201-400 players = 2 votes
  • 401-600 players = 3 votes
  • 601-800 players = 4 votes
  • 801-1,000 players = 5 votes
  • 1,001-1,500 players = 6 votes
  • 1,501-2500 players = 7 votes
  • 2,501 and over = 8 votes

Bylaw Changes

NYSA section 1:07:03 requires that any member in good standing is permitted to submit proposed amendments to the existing constitution and bylaws. These must be submitted in writing to the NYSA office no later than thirty (30) days prior to the AGM.

The deadline for submitting amendments is May 15th, 2023, and should be submitted by mail, or email. To submit a proposed amendment, please use the “Bylaw Change Form” below:

A submission that does not conform to the format or that is not submitted by TBD, 2023, will be returned to the sender. Please check whether the amendment, if adopted, would conflict with another provision or would require a conforming amendment before submitting it. If so, please also submit an amendment to resolve the conflict and provide conformity.

Proposed amendments should be submitted to the following:

  • Nevada Youth Soccer Association
  • Attn: Melanie Stafford, Executive Director
  • 7860 W Sahara Ave. Ste 150
  • Las Vegas, NV 89117

Board Member Election

  • President
  • 2nd Vice-president
  • Secretary

In addition, policy section 4:03:04 states that any member of the association in good standing, not on suspension (excluding red cards) or probation, may run for election to any office they are nominated for, or declare official interest in seeking.

Board Positions up for 2024 Election

2nd Vice President

1st Vice President – Recreation


The member must make their intentions known by submitting a resume, their intentions/agenda, the Volunteer Application and Disclosure Statement for the position they are seeking to the NYSA office at least fifteen (15) days prior to the AGM, and complete and pay for the on-line background check application.

This information may be submitted using the above information (4:03:02). The deadline for submitting the above documents is May 15, 2024, and should be submitted by mail, fax, or email.

We are now accepting Hall of Fame and Of the Year nominations which will be presented at the meeting. You can find the form, along with directions, below:

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