Hall of fame nomination

General Criteria
1. Nominations for persons to be inducted into the NYSA Hall of Fame may be submitted by any person who has been or is a player, coach, referee, or administrator for NYSA.All resumes shall be typed on the Resume form attached to this NYSA Hall of FameNomination Form.
2. The recognition must be for significant personal achievement in, or contribution to,NYSA. In addition, the demonstrated, positive effect of such achievement or contribution must have set a clear and recognized example for the soccer community to emulate and regard as a model to be followed for personal achievement.
3. Players – must have reached the minimum age of 25 and have distinguishedthemselves with an outstanding standard of play and/or performance as a memberof NYSA. The player must have participated in youth games as a registered member of NYSA for at least 5 consecutive years.
4. Administrators, Referees, Coaches, etc. – must have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments and/or leadership that have made significant contributions to theimprovement of the sport and its participants nationwide. They must havecontributed directly for a period of 5 or more years to NYSA.
5. Meritorious Recognition – Nominations for this Recognition are for individuals ororganizations involved in the support of NYSA in non-playing, non-administrative,non-coaching, and non-refereeing capacities.

    Person Nominated

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    Individual/Organization Submitting Nomination

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    Nominee Profile

    State or National Affiliation

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    Nominee Resume

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